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Story posted: 24. June 2013 by Andrew Danskin

Scilly Isles
Several new collections of images have been uploaded in the last few days – for the Scilly Isles, Hertfordshire and Essex in the English Counties gallery, and for Ocean Liners in the Maritime Gallery – with the promise of many more to come. These are from the extensive image collection of another postcard dealer colleague, Campbell McCutcheon, who will now be uploading to the site regularly. He has a huge range of images to offer – particularly on the Maritime side – so expect new additions to most galleries over the coming months, in addition to the regular uploads from us.

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New Lifeboats Gallery & Maritime Gallery Revised

Story posted: 17. February 2013 by Andrew Danskin

Lifeboats & Lifeboat Houses
A new gallery of historic images of lifeboats lifeboat houses and crews around the coasts of the British Isles has been uploaded. At the smae time, the Maritime Gallery has been revised and updated, with new sub galleries inside for Ocean Liners, Paddle Steamers, Naval and Miscellaneous Vessels, and in which the new Lifeboatsgallery can also be found.

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More Colour British Railways Images

Story posted: 14. February 2013 by Andrew Danskin

Wiltshire Railways in Colour
After rather a long hiatus, we have once more begun loading more British Railways period colour pictures, with a completely new Wiltshire Railways in Colour gallery and numerous further images also added in to the Herefordshire and Breconshire galleries.

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New Shipping Section

Story posted: 8. February 2012 by Andrew Danskin

Maritime, Ports & Harbours
A new gallery added containing some of the famous liners including White Star and Cunard, Titanic, Lusitania and many others.  Also added some Burton-on-Trent (Staffordshire) and some Brewing Interest.

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New German Railways Gallery

Story posted: 23. November 2011 by Andrew Danskin

German Railways
A new gallery of images of German Railways is now live. The initial selection is from colour slides taken mostly in the early 1960s, although there are also some pictures from the 70s and 80s. In due course another gallery will be uploaded containing historic images of German Railways mostly from old postcards, whilst further galleries of images from colour slides covering French, Italian and Austrian railways are also in preparation. Watch this space!

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